Sunday, 5 August 2012

Trans Europa Day 27 Krakow to Oravice - 128km

We convoyed out of Krakow under the burning morning sun and it seemed it would be a long hard hot day - for some. I managed only 2 pieces of toast for breakfast and I was fading fast on the hills and in the heat having to stop several times for ice cream, Sprite, water or anything cold.

I quickly fell to the rear of the pack and Gergo, who was riding sweep, had a tough time as well.

He was playing wait and chase but I eventually just beat him into lunch at 57km. I took one look at the array on offer and decided my day was over as I could not face the prospect of no food, more hills and searing heat. Louise also decided to call it a day and we rode in to camp with Ciaran but not before being stopped by the Polish police for an ID check just before the Slovakia border.

It was still way hot at camp but just after the tent was pitched a thunderstorm rolled in and it was suddenly cold and wet. Miles prepared grilled weisswurst sausages, lentils and potato salad for dinner and I turned in for the night thankful for cooler weather but with an unfortunate side effect - the return of the night cough...

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